1. The quality of the songs submitted should be of a technical and professional quality that is competitive in the music industry. Is your song ready to be on the radio? Rough demos with little or no production quality will have a very hard time making their way to the top of the program. This is not a question of money, but time and effort put into the technical quality and performances recorded on the track.
  2. When uploading your songs, please include "focus track” in the track title of the song you'd like us to hear first. When choosing your songs, consider which are the strongest, which you get the best response from, which could you imagine hearing on the radio?
  3. Make sure that the band or artist photo is of a professional level – that does not mean that the artist needs to use a high price photographer, but should be the best possible reflection of the artist and their music.
  4. Make sure that biographies are well written and do not contain typos or spelling mistakes – professionalism is important. Biographies need to be short, but informative. If the artist does not have a big track record, then tell a compelling story about the artist
  5. Essays are an opportunity to explain to the jurors why you should be in the top 12!
  6. Videos – the live performance videos presented need to help the artist to succeed. Sending in a video with terrible sound or very poor video quality is not helpful to the jury. Use the same creative energy in producing the live video as you do with your music. The video must be a live performance, with no audio edits or lip syncing, but does not necessarily have to be in front of an audience, and may contain multiple angles.
  7. Genre: All music genres may apply for Project WILD; however WILD 953 is a radio station operating in the format of New Country and genres that fit into the station format are encouraged. WILD 953’s playlist is available online for applicants to gauge their potential eligibility.
  8. When deciding to sign up as a solo artist or band, take the following into consideration: Solo artists are still welcome to play with a band for all showcases, including boot camp. If signing up as a band, all band members will be required to be in attendance for all mandatory events, including orientation, boot camp, and showcases.
  9. Generally, think about the whole submission package. Is there a weak link? Is there something that could be better? Is there part of the artist story that is missing? Challenge yourself to present a complete package that will wow the judges – the strongest applications will go to the top of the list
  10. Any questions? Contact Alberta Music -
  11. Good luck!
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